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Cardinal Industries EconomyValue ClearVue Round Ring Binder White CRD90041
Cardinal Industries EconomyValue ClearVue Round Ring Binder White CRD90041 $106.29 - $106.29 0 Reviews
Round-ring view binder features nonlocking rings and clear nonglare overlays on front, back and spine so you can easily insert custom title sheets on all three sides. Cover material has a MicroFine suede vinyl finish. XtraLife Hinge provides durability. Steel round rings mounted to the spine are equipped with dual opening and closing for easy access to your punched pages. Horizontal pockets inside the front and back covers hold loose papers. Each pocket holds 40 sheets. Letter-size binder also offers exposed rivets and a sturdy chipboard core. Binder is made with a high percentage of recycled post-consumer material.
Banner Laminator For 12" Bold Seal PL12A
Banner Laminator For 12 $173.02 - $339.20 0 Reviews
Ghent GHEPA13624VX181 Keep your postings safe and secure outdoors. Message center is built to withstand most outdoor conditions with a durable aluminum frame and weather-resistant backing. Full-length piano-hinge doors have shatter-resistant acrylic inserts with flush mount locks for added security. Vinyl bulletin board surface. Board Type: Enclosed Bulletin; Global Product Type: N/A; Board Width: 36 in; Board Height: 24 in.PRODUCT DETAILS: -Frame Material: Aluminum. -Board Type: Enclosed Bulletin. -Surface Color: Light Brown. -Boards Special Features: One Door. -Board Width : 36 in. -Surface Material: Vinyl. -Frame Color: Satin Finish. -Board Height : 24 in. Package: Includes board.
Gbc Octiva 5mil 43" x 250' Lo-Melt Gloss with UV Protection
Gbc Octiva 5mil 43 $330.99 - $330.99 0 Reviews
GBC 5 Mil Octiva Lo-Melt Gloss is a gloss finish polyester film with a low-melt adhesive. Specifically designed for heat sensitive, inkjet prints. Increased rigidity and high clarity make these films perfect for protecting images in the demanding digital color marketplace.Run at temps between 185° F and 210° F. Gloss provides a brilliant, clear finish to enhance images.
Gbc ProClick Pronto 3:1 Rectangular Magnapunch 2.0 Die - 7705638
Gbc ProClick Pronto 3:1 Rectangular Magnapunch 2.0 Die - 7705638 $827.00 - $827.00 0 Reviews
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Office Supplies

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Cheap Office Supplies

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